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At Herts Paving & Resin, we are established and trusted playground surfacing contractors with many years of experience. We work with schools, colleges, playgroups and local authorities across Hertfordshire & Essex and the surrounding areas. We provide play area surfacing solutions that range from tarmacadam to resin bound. We also handle renovation and repair of existing play area surfaces, to ensure they are safe and long lasting.

Our surfacing is available for all types of play area, from small private playgrounds to larger local school play areas, public parks and private sports grounds. We work closely with local authorities, councils, commercial businesses and private contractors, which has helped us build an enviable reputation around Hertfordshire & Essex.


Benefits of Professional Playground Surfacing in Hertfordshire & Essex

As one of the leading Hertfordshire & Essex tarmac surfacing contractors, we work closely with many local authorities, councils, private contractors and commercial businesses.

All work is fully guaranteed, conforms to British Standards and is carried out by a dedicated team of specialists.

Here are some of the many benefits to a quality pothole repair service:

  • Safety: Playground surfacing provides a cushioned and impact-absorbing surface, reducing the risk of injuries from falls and ensuring a safe play environment for children.
  • Accessibility: Surfacing options like rubber tiles or poured-in-place surfaces create a smooth and wheelchair-accessible playground area, promoting inclusivity and allowing children of all abilities to enjoy playtime together.
  • Durability: High-quality playground surfacing materials are designed to withstand heavy use and weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Hygiene: Certain surfacing options, such as artificial grass or rubber tiles, are easy to clean, helping maintain a hygienic and sanitary playground environment.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Playground surfacing options come in various colours and patterns, enhancing the visual appeal of the play area and creating an inviting and stimulating space for children to enjoy.

Trusted Playground Surfacing Contractors Hertfordshire & Essex

Our highly skilled team of Hertfordshire & Essex surfacing experts has many years of experience working on designing and installing playground surfaces in the local area.

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Looking for a recommended surfacing company in Hertfordshire & Essex?

Most play areas are made of asphalt or tarmac and, over time, wear and tear will start to show. Issues such as cracks, potholes, weeds, discolouration and fading can all raise their ugly heads and start to make your school's playground look like it has seen better days. Water ingress can sometimes turn a small repair into a much bigger and more expensive resurfacing job.

Our team of tarmac experts can inspect your Kent playground and quote you for a repair or a new hard wearing surface, depending on the state of the current surfaces.

Both playground repairs and full play area resurfacing will last for many years, providing you with a low maintenance finish suitable for the level of use you expect.

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FAQs about our Playground Surfacing services

Our customers often ask for advice about our services, so we have put together a list of the most common questions:

Why choose us as your surfacing contractors in Hertfordshire & Essex?

With complete customer satisfaction as our primary focus, we work hard to ensure quality and reliability.  We give you the peace of mind that local pothole repairs will be completed to the highest possible standards.

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  • All Work Guaranteed
  • Fully Insured
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Local & Trusted Company
  • Experienced & Qualified Craftsmen
  • Quality Products, Affordable Prices
  • Attention to Detail
  • Highly Recommended

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